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RawDelivery Testimonials
RawDelivery Testimonials

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Read testimonials from fellow raw feeders and post your dog or cat's story!

This is a great way to share what raw feeding and/or RawDelivery has done for you and your pets!

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5 of 5 We have our Bully back! May 23, 2015
Author: Laura Anderson from White Bear Lake, MN United States  
This photo may not look like much however it is a huge change from one year ago. Emmett is our English Bull Terrier. One year ago he nearly died from an internal bleed caused by a prolonged use of steroids for an immune system issue. He was put on eight different meds to get him through but the vet said he would still need the steroids.

I decided that wouldn't happen and began giving him kefir, yogurt, probiotic ground raw meat/organs/bones from a place in St Paul. He looked a lot worse before he got better. His hair coat was so thin you could see his skin. He was covered with bumps that would fill with fluid and burst. His elbows were the worst looking like raw bloody hamburger.

He improved somewhat and it was hard to stay away from the vet for more pills. I had weaned him off the steroids very slowly. The food was expensive at $20 or more for a five pound container and he seemed to plateau as far as improvement.

I knew he needed more and I really wanted green tripe as I knew that would help.

Fortunately, I learned of this raw feeding community from a friend. I put in an order and haven't looked back.

We have our Bully back. For more than a year all he wanted to do was sleep in a chair. Now, his attitude is back, he initiates play with his Bully sister, Minnie and with us. Best of all, he's talking back again.

I don't often post and apologize for the length of this one. Just wanted you to know that this community and service has given us our boy back. Thank you!

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5 of 5 Old dogs - new tricks. May 14, 2015
Author: Emily museus from Cambridge , MN United States  
I am the proud owner of 2 rescue pups. Lola is a lab/pit bull mix and Nala is a Newfoundland. We have had Lola since she was a puppy and we fed kibble from day 1 until 7 years old. We adopted Nala at almost 6 years old and have had her for 1 year, 9 months of that being kibble fed.

Around 6 years old Lola started to slow down. She started slowing down on runs with me and even stopping in the middle of a run to lay down in the road, so I stopped bringing her. Eventually, closer to her 7th birthday we had to stop taking her on walks completely. She favored her back left leg and would sometimes not put any weight on it at all. By fall 2014 she was walking on 3 legs 100% of the time. She struggled going up steps and we were taking her to the vet frequently to try to find an anti-inflammatory or pain relief that would allow her to be more mobile. Nothing we tried helped her. She seemed to be in constant pain and the vet discussed putting her down if we couldn't get her pain under control.

When we adopted Nala she was in rough shape. She was underweight, had severe skin allergies that made her stink and constant, very smelly ear infections. She had portions of her neck folds grown together because she was so poorly cared for in her previous home. We were at the vet every 3-4 weeks trying to get her skin under control and watch her weight. She gained weight very slowly. Her skin issues never got any better. We were able to fix the grown together skin folds, but she scratched day and night, sometimes until she broke skin open. We were paying an incredible amount of money between the monthly grooming to try to help her skin and the many vet appointments.

Near the end of 2014 I was introduced to raw feeding and found Kris from Raw Delivery as a resource. After quite a bit of research I reached out to her and she helped me design a feeding schedule specific to each dog and their unique needs.

We started a raw diet in January 2015. Within 1 week Lola started putting weight on her 4th leg! I was surprised to see an improvement so quickly, but there it was right in front of me. She could go up and down stairs and would actually walk around the yard and try to follow after the kids. She seemed happier too! She wagged her tail more and would even greet us at the car door upon arriving home. Over the course of the next month we saw her return to her happy, joyful self. Mind you she is still a, now 8 year old, pup so she isn't "puppy" active - but far more mobile than just a couple short months ago. We have now been raw feeding for 3 months and I know we will never go back. She loves meal time and we can see the happiness in her eyes that made us fall in love with her all those years ago!

Nala had a rough start to raw. She didn't know what to do with her meal. Kris helped me with many different tactics to teach Nala how to eat the food. She didn't seem to have the instinct like Lola did. What ended up helping her was feeding Nala and Lola together. Nala intently watched Lola and copied what she did. Once Nala got the hang of how to tackle her food she began to look forward to meal time and would jump from anywhere in the house when I called her to eat.

Nala's skin issues took several weeks to show improvement. What we did notice, was that after 2 weeks she didn't seem to smell as bad. She had been getting groomed every 4 weeks, we groomed her the day we started feeding raw. Typically, by the end of week 2 she started to smell again. This wasn't the case after switching. We have been able to extend her grooming to once every 3 months, as suggested by her groomer. This is a huge cost savings for us! Nala has also not seen the vet since starting raw! Her ear infections are gone, with the addition of Colloidal Silver, as suggested by Kris. As is the smell from her ears and skin. Her weight is clearly more ideal, as we can feel her ribs nicely, but not as easily as before. We have not had her to the vet for an official weight, but I am more comfortable with her weight and not concerned about it anymore.

The past 3 months have been a time of learning, trying new things and finding out what works best for our family. Kris has been an invaluable resource to me and has helped to navigate all of the specifics of feeding raw. I am impressed with the amount of improvement both dogs have shown and am confident that we made the correct decision for our dogs (and our bank account!).

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