About Us

image of a dog on top of the Raw Delivery boxes
image of Raw Delivery's owner Kris together with her husband Paul, their dogs and cats.
image of a black and white cat

Empowering pet owners to nurture optimal carnivore nutrition and health through a raw meat diet.


Simplifying the raw diet by providing affordable food, delivered to a convenient location and backed by experienced support.


Providing more pets with the benefits of a natural diet and lifestyle.

Thriving for over 10 years, RawDelivery is a local, woman owned business here in Isanti, Minnesota!

My name is Kris Brown and I have been an avid raw feeder for the past 15 years. I began raw feeding because I wanted to provide the best natural diet for my dogs at the time, Jesse, Chaco, Chandler and Hannah. Back when I was DIY-ing my own raw food, I enjoyed helping my fellow raw feeding friends by grabbing their food when I went to grab mine. Eventually I started grabbing food for a lot more people and voilà, RawDelivery was born!

My motivation for creating RawDelivery was to make feeding a healthy raw diet convenient and affordable. RawDelivery customers and their pets are what inspire me to work hard every day! RawDelivery really cares about our customers, and we are passionate about the diet we provide.

So, Welcome to RawDelivery! We are so glad you're here. If you have any questions please contact us using the link below!