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RawDelivery Policies

RawDelivery provides products for pets, our products are not for human consumption. There are risks associated with all pet food diets including a raw diet. RawDelivery is not responsible for your choice of food, feeding style or any issues that may arise.

PURPOSE: To keep our prices affordable, we utilize volunteer site hosts. The site hosts provide convenient access to our products for fellow raw feeders. To continue to respect the hours of operation for our volunteer site hosts, the following policy has been put into place for all locations excluding Isanti.

POLICY: All customers are expected to pick up their orders by 7 pm for St. Paul or Rochester and 8 pm for all other locations. THERE ARE NO LATE PICKUPS.

Any customer who arrives after the deadline, regardless of circumstances such as flat tire, heavy traffic, illness, weather conditions, etc., will be charged a no-show fee. There will be no exceptions or warnings. Not allowing exceptions makes it easier to apply this policy to everyone consistently and fairly.

If you plan to pick up within the last hour (after 6 pm for St. Paul or Rochester, 7 pm for all other locations), please let us know ahead of time so we are aware that you simply did not forget. Product condition is not guaranteed unless picked up within 30 minutes of delivery, our pick up sites do not have refrigerated storage.

If you will not be able to pick up your order, please contact us at 651-317-9360 ASAP for a possible arrangement. If you miss your pick up you will need to make arrangements to pick it up at the earliest convenience of the site host. We will facilitate this interaction.

If the order has not been picked up by the second day, it will result in forfeiture of order. No refunds will be issued. Also if there has been no communication from you on pick-up day, it will result in forfeiture of the order. No refunds will be issued. Forfeited orders will be donated if possible.

If you are late to pick up your order, the fee will be as follows:

1st time: $20

2nd time: $40

3rd & final time: $40 and no more pickup site privileges. Future orders will have to be for Isanti or Speedee only.

This fee will automatically be applied to the payment method you used to pay. If that is not possible you will be contacted for payment and expected to pay within 3 days.

We recommend adding your pick up date and time to your calendar so you don’t forget. Additionally, we send out email reminders to notify customers ahead of time that it is delivery week and on the day of delivery when orders are ready to be picked up.


To help customers avoid no-show fees, we have the following notification protocol in place, these are a courtesy and are not a guarantee, you are ultimately responsible for picking up on time and assuring we have the correct contact information for you:

  1. We send out emails a few days before pick up informing our customers that they have an order to be picked up later that week., Please check your spam mail and add us to your safe list to avoid missing important emails

  2. We send out an email on pick up day when the orders are ready to be picked up.

  3. We offer an optional text notification as well. Sign up at checkout.

  4. If it comes to the last hour of pick up, and we were not notified that a customer plans to pick up in the last hour, we assume that they may have missed the emails and/or texts, so we try to reach out via email, text, phone call, and/or other means at least once before the deadline.

Cancellations made after the ordering deadline, but more than 24 hours before the pick up date, will incur a 15% restocking fee.

Late Cancellations, those made within 24 hours of the pick up date, will be considered a no-show and consequences will be applied as such.

Policy: Applies to pick ups and consultations at out Isanti location.
Appointments should be made at the time of purchase using the scheduler provided on the checkout page. If you wish to visit for a consultation prior to making a purchase you may use the Scheduling Link or contact us.
If you do not schedule your appointment via the scheduler your appointment time will not be guaranteed.
Pick up appointments may be staged in a cooler for self-service or we will assist you upon arrival. If you require assistance with your order please indicate that in the notes section so that we may accommodate you.

Policy: Our products are shipped in one of our insulated coolers. These were custom made to fit our shippable products snuggly so that there will be minimal airspace and therefore thawing. We ship the products frozen. Products may arrive partially thawed or at refrigerator temperature. These products can be refrozen without affecting their quality or safety.

Customers are responsible for providing an accurate shipping address and applicable information. Please provide any notes to be passed on to the shipping company such as where to leave the package.

We are not responsible for the product once it has left our property. Delays in arrival are not under our control. If a shipment qualifies for a refund by the shipping company (ie. UPS or Speedee) we will pass that refund on to you, otherwise there are no refunds or considerations offered by RawDelivery.

Unless otherwise noted by you, we will ship your package on the date the order is placed if possible or else the next regular shipping day.

  • Orders shipped via Speedee Delivery will go out Mondays only
  • Orders shipped via UPS will go out Mondays only

(Schedules will be adjusted for holidays affecting shipping)

Estimated transit times and additional details can be found on the Shipping Page

Orders need to comply with our shipping options which provide for our coolers to be filled snuggly and keep as cold as possible, these options can be found on the Shipping Page. Orders that do not comply will either be reduced to the next smaller option or your order will be put on hold while we contact you for further guidance. This may delay the shipment and arrival of your order. If we are unable to make contact with you your order will be cancelled and your account credited for a future purchase.

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